bach flower essence

Dr. Edward Bach wrote in his book, Free Thyself, "This disharmony, disease, makes itself manifest in the body for the body merely serves to reflect the workings of the soul just as the face reflects happiness by smiles, or temper by frowns. And so in bigger things the body will reflect the true causes of disease (which are such as fear, indecision,doubts, etc.) in the disarrangement of its systems and tissues.

By choosing the right flower essence that remedies the particular negative emotion, the healing properties contained in the essence act like an antidote. A flower essence has the ability to gently and safely release negative emotional states by flooding the body's system with the postive vibration it carries.

Over time, emotional balance is again restored. It is also important to state that the flower essences never repress emotional imbalances. Rather, they are catalysts for their release. Flower essences do not have the effect of tranquilizers or anti-depressants, they are not considered herbs, vitamins or essential oils and will not interfere with the effects of other medication being taken at the same time.

Dr. Bach's self-help system is totally safe, natural and harmless, without the need for concern over the possibility of side effects or overdose, in their use.