How does botanical medicine work?

"Who does not know the refreshing Dandelion salad in early spring? What is it that makes it so coveted after long winter months devoid of fresh greens?

In his classic book, About Herbs, Dr. Benedict Lust asked these questions and proceeded to answer as follows:

"The great curative value of the juices of plants or herb tea has been recognized and appreciated by all the peoples of the earth since time immemorial.

The fact which makes the herbs, etc., i.e. their teas or plant juices, particularly effective is the lesser or greater wealth of nutritive salts which are always present in them and not only this.

The human digestive system is best able to receive and most easily digest these digestive salts if contained in plant juices. Besides nutritive salts, the plants contain many other substances which are effective in various ways thus each curative herb is endowed with one, two or even three principal physiological effects."