My journey into homeopathy

Michele started her training in holistic healing at 5 years of age,

in the medicine garden she helped tend with her Italian grandfather.

When helping with the weeding and harvesting, Grandpa Nick taught her that "food was medicine".

He believed the fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs in the garden had an inner knowledge in the way of healing our bodies.

He knew when he placed a sprig of peppermint in her hand she would feel and hear the plant whisper to her its wisdom.

Michele has fond memories of many happy childhood days, with her toy doctor's kit dispensing "medicines" - currant berries, spearmint leaves, red and green grapes and dandelion

greens to her baby dolls, family cats and neighborhood kids for their "pretend" ailments.

This was no doubt the first workings of a young healer's calling.

But it wasn't until the birth of her first child in 1973, a beautiful daughter born with digestive issues, that Michele seriously returned to her "herbal roots" in an effort to restore the health of her little girl.

By 1978, she began her quest for a formal education in natural healing. Over the course of the next ten years (during the pregnancies and births of her two sons), she studied herbal medicine and whole food nutrition.

By 1985, Michele had obtained her Chartered Herbalist and Master Herbalist degrees from Dominion Herbal College, Burnaby, BC, as the pre-requisite for a doctoral program.

In 1988, Michele completed the course requirements to receive a Ph.D. in the Health Sciences of Botanical and Homeopathic Medicine from Union University in Los Angeles, CA.

With her classical training, she has shared her message of holistic, herbal and homeopathic wellness, in every state she has lived in, for over 40 years.